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Navy Lion offers a souvenir more than just jewelry. A story of exquisite pieces that transcend time, evolving into meaningful amulets and symbols of good fortune. Each meticulously designed piece carries an essence of positive energy, inviting wearers to embrace a touch of luck and timeless design. 

Navy Lion jewelry is a fusion of inspiration derived from quality vintage jewelry, outstanding Mexican craftsmanship, traditional and contemporary art, immersive experiences in different cultures, travel, and surrounded by fashion and design. The brand's proclivity lies in crafting pieces that seamlessly weave together diverse influences, resulting in unique and captivating designs. In defining the jewelry, it is that of know-how and heritage. A reconnection with the aesthetics and inspirations of jewelry of yesteryear.

The designer, through her Mexican roots, her travels and time spent living in Europe, Middle East, and US, more particularly in Paris, which she considers her city of heart, offers a range of jewelry that survives the passage of time.

The designs, curves, symbols, and names are carefully selected to impart a distinctive perspective on jewelry. Seen through the eyes of the designer, each piece serves as a representation of intricate thoughts and a shared exploration of symbolism. Heavy in weight and impeccable quality, crafted from pure sterling silver and gold.